Esthetic medicine

In February, MD Sylwia Krzykawska, expanded her knowledge in the field of aesthetic medicine by participating in a training for doctors organized by NEAUVIA EYE ACADEMY, whose subject was eye correction. At her work, in addition to the previously mentioned eye correction, the doctor performs wrinkles treatments in the forehead area, wrinkles between the eyes so-called “lion”, “crow’s feet” around the eyes, “smoker’s wrinkles” around the mouth. She also corrects masseter muscles in the treatment of malocclusion and performs face and neck smoothing lifts, face contouring, lip augmentation or improving their shape. She also deals with defects such as scars, hollow cheeks and stretch marks.


We invite you for consultations with Doc Krzykawska in the field of orthopedics, surgery and AESTHETIC MEDICINE. It is an important stage in working with the patient – by collecting a detailed interview about health, expected results and performed treatments so far, the type of formulation used and the scope of action can be determined.


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