MD PhD Łukasz Nowarski

MD PhD Łukasz Nowarski

vascular surgeon, surgeon

About me

A specialist in the field of vascular and general surgery. He gained experience in: The 3rd Department of General Surgery in Krakow; The Department of General Surgery in Kłodzko; Plastic Surgery Hospital in Polanica Zdrój; The Department of Vascular Surgery of the Hospital Bonifratrów in Krakow; The Department of Vascular Surgery of the PAKS in Chrzanów; as part of many years of medical private practice.
The treatment of varicose veins is performed with the use of minimally invasive methods, allowing for the immediate activation of the patient just after the procedure:
- radio wave ablation with Medtronic ClosureFast;
- ablation with a laser with a wavelength of 1470nm, modern radial fibers and a Lasotronix apparatus;
- Aethoxysclerol fluid and foam sclerotherapy.
Treatment of wounds and ulcers is carried out with the use of specialist bandages and compression therapy, depending on the type and nature of afflictions
and coexisting diseases.


    He mainly deals with diagnostics and treatment of :

    – varicose veins of the lower limbs  (closure with laser, radio waves, glue and sclerotherapy);

    – vascular spider veins of the lower limbs;

    – vascular wounds and ulcers;

    – venous and arterial thrombosis;

    – peripheral arterial disease;

    – aortic and peripheral artery aneurysm.


    Performed ultrasound examinations  :

    – Doppler ultrasound of carotid and vertebral arteries;

    – Doppler ultrasound of the veins of the lower limbs;

    – Doppler ultrasound of the aorta, iliac arteries and arteries of the lower limbs.

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