MD Jacek Kawecki

MD Jacek Kawecki

Chronic Pain Management Unit, anaesthesiologist

About me

He specialises in the treatment of severe and chronic pain. Since 1992 he has been running a Chronic Pain Management Unit both in the form of an outpatient and home visits. He is a regular participant of seminars, conferences, symposiums and specialist trainings organised by the Polish Association for the Study of Pain where he updates his knowledge and skills. Caring for cancer-striken patients has a special place in his practice.


    • back pain
    • joint pain
    • headaches (migraines)
    • postherpetic neuralgia
    • trigeminal neuralgia (neuropathy)
    • post-amputation phantom pains
    • polyneuropathy
    • muscle pains
    • cancer-related pains
    • other pains of unspecified origin

    His treatments include:

    1. Diagnosis of the cause of pain
    2. Assigning with proper diagnostic procedures
    3. Presenting the treatment plan
    4. Pharmacotherapy
    5. Performing a therapeutical block
    6. Checking-up the supportive treatment (rehabilitation)



    ul. Rogozińskiego

    690 040 903
    690 209 444