MD Agnieszka Zalewska

MD Agnieszka Zalewska


About me

A graduate of Medical Studies at the Collegium Medicum UJ. During her studies, she was on a year long scholarship at the Koln University in Germany. Between 2008 - 2014 she worked at the Adult Psychiatry Clinic in Kraków. She then worked as a senior assistant at the Department of Psychiatry in Oświęcim. Since 2011 she has been providing psychiatric care in various medical units in Kraków.
In her job, her main concern is not limited to choosing the best medicines for the patient but the quality of the contact with the patient. Currently, she is running a series of trainings for medical personnel on communication with the patient and their faimily.


    • insomnia
    • Alzheimer’s disease
    • phobias
    • anxiety
    • psychosomatic disorders

    Collegium Medicum w Krakowie



    ul. Rogozińskiego

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