MD PhD Piotr Ratka

MD PhD Piotr Ratka

dermatologist, venereologist

About me

A specialist in dermatology and venereology with a very rich clinical experience. Previously, for many years the head of the dermatology department at the Military Hospital in Krakow and the head of the Medical Center “Health”.
He specializes in the prevention and treatment of a wide range of dermatological diseases, with particular emphasis on skin cancers, mycosis, severe forms of acne, hair and nail diseases.
He has been using digital video dermatoscopy for over a dozen of years, especially for monitoring pigmentation disorders in the diagnosis and prevention of melanoma.


  • skin cancer
  • mycosis (tinea)
  • acne
  • hair and nail diseases
  • melanoma prevention

Wojskowa Akademia Medyczna w Łodzi



Podskale street

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