MD PhD Rafał Nieckarz

MD PhD Rafał Nieckarz


About me

A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Dr Nieckarz gained his professional experience at the Otolaryngology Ward in the University Hospital In Krakow, the Oncology and Reconstructive Surgery Ward in the Oncology Centre In Gliwice, as well as at Klinikum Bremerhaven Akademisches Lehrkrankenhaus der Universtat Gottingen, Hals, Nasen Ohrenklinik.
After working in the University Clinic In Krakow for nearly 7 years, he started a collaboration with the Otolaryngology Ward of the Gabriel Narutowicz Hospital in Krakow.
Dr Nieckarz deals with diagnostics, pharmacological, as well as surgery treatment of laryngology conditions including nose, perinasal sinuses, ears, pharynx, larynx and salivary glans In both children and adults.


    • Sinus conditions  
    • Nasal occlusion 
    • Snoring 
    • Nose bleeding 
    • Tonsil hypertrophy 
    • Laryngitis 
    • Sialadenitis 
    • Earaches 
    • Tinnitus 
    • Dizzness 
    • Ear infections 
    • Nasal polyp 
    • Rhinitis 
    • Deviated septum 
    • Hyperplasia of nasal turbinate bone 
    • Laryngeal conditions  
    • Hypoacusis 
    • Articulation disorders 
    • Keyhole surgeries of perinasal sinuses

    Collegium Medicum in Kraków



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