MA Ewa Karpęcka

MA Ewa Karpęcka


About me

Her passion is healthy lifestyle starting with nutrition, ending with sport. She loves mountains and climbing. Every day she is guided by the maxim that there is no success without a properly chosen goal and motivation! Therefore, in cooperation with the patient, she emphasises on his motivation and education.
Engineer and Master graduate of Food Technology at the Agricultural University of Kraków in specialization of Dietetics and Human Nutrition. Then she decided to specialize in clinical nutrition continuing education at the Master degree at The Silesian Academy of Medical Science in Katowice.
She willingly goes to conferences and trainings related to dietetics. Because of her interests in sport, above all she is passionate about sports nutrition. That’s why she always emphasizes how important physical activity should be in our lives.

    How to prepare for the appointment?

    For the first visit, please bring the following test results:

    • complete blood count
    • lipoprotein profile -TC, HDL, LDL, triglicerydes
    • fasting glucose
    • TSH
    • liver function tests


    In addition, please prepare a nutrition diary of the last three days. The diary should contain time of the meals and the exact amounts of products consumed. During the initial visit, apart from the dietary history, a body composition analysis is performed (if there are no contraindications – pacemaker / pregnancy). Then, in the following days (on average up to a week), a prepared menu is sent.


    Directly before your visit

    • Do not eat or drink 2-3 hours before the appointment – it may affect obtaining incorrect measurements on the analyzer.
    • Do not exercise before the analysis. Exercises can cause temporary changes in body composition.

    Wsparcie żywieniowe w chorobie nowotworowej; Mgr Maria Brzegowy; Kraków 02.02.2019

    Dietoterapia w insulinooporności i PCOS; dr inż Katarzyna Kowalcze; Kraków 19.01.2019

    Zdrowe jelita – podstawą równowagi organizmu; Szkolenie online, 30.11.2017



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