Treatment of vascular diseases

Get rid of varices  – also those difficult and recurrent!

We cordially invite you for specialized and minimally invasive treatment of vascular diseases by the following methods:


Technologically advanced thermal ablation of an inefficient venous vessel using a diode laser. Due to the low laser radiation power, only minor and temporary ailments may occur. This method is the least invasive and very effective – that is why it is especially recommended for all patients.


Thermal ablation of inefficient vein with electromagnetic energy. It gives slight discomfort after the procedure but it allows a quick return to physical activity. The method only requires local anesthesia.


The method of closing vascular trunks using glue. The procedure does not require anesthesia and pressure. The immediate sticking of the veins allows physical activity on the same day.


Chemical closing of varicose veins and small skin enlargements so called “spider veins” through appropriate punctures with a needle.


In our facility, the treatments are performed by a specialist in vascular surgery, MD. Robert Muszyński, who after the medical consultation and doppler ultrasonography of veins, chooses the appropriate treatment method for the patient.

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